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      Five years ago I had no idea that I would be sewing quilts and enjoying the concept.  Four years ago, a decision to make a queen sized quilt for Daughter 2's twenty-first birthday got me hooked.  Several workshops and quilts later, here I am.  It has been fairly easy for me as I have sewn for many years, so I guess I'm lucky I have all that background knowledge and a few handy skills.
       Only recently, I realised why I hadn't gone down this road any earlier.  All I really knew of patchwork and quilting was sampler quilts or similar dull, uninteresting, symmetrically boring nothings that laid pride of place in many bedrooms.  Well that's what I saw, many may think differently.   Then my eyes popped right open when I saw a Gee's Bend quilt for the first time.  Oh how I loved those, all of them and wanted them all too.  So now, I'm on my journey to modern quilt oblivion.  Sewing, teaching and encouraging others to get involved in this highly addictive medium is now what devours my time.  So for those of you who have read this far into the  page, I would think you will take a sticky at a few more pages, help yourself, it's there for you.  Enjoy your visit.  


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  1. Hi Wendy,
    I'm pres. of Macarthur Textile Network, and really looking forward to seeing you at our March 3 meeting!
    We're a friendly, fun and inclusive group of textile interested folks. And we make sure our guest speakers and visitors feel relaxed and welcome. See you soon,

    Wendy (Mied)