Tuesday, 30 May 2017


What a great experience. It would be great to be a delegate. Everyone is spoiled rotten with lavish three course lunches, gifts, great night time entertainment, close up and intimate with the best quilts of Australia and overseas, a top line up of tutors and an opportunity to rub shoulders with some quilting greats. Why would a quilter go anywhere else for their annual holiday? I'm in! Oh, and I almost forgot; all this in one of the most iconic buildings in Australia, the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The weather was perfect, the surroundings also and Expertise Events know how to put on a great show. 

Exhibition Building

Here is where I spent four wonderful days, teaching some fabulous people from many Australian states and even some visitors from New Zealand. I also spent some time with many of my quilting idols. Big names in the industry for whom I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all they do to make this such a great interest for many and a big part of my life. And here's one of them............

Angela Walters ready to sign a few books for me.
Angela is so aptly named, a truely gracious person in every way. Ready to assist anyone with learning new quilting skills. 

The other international guest speaker was Luke Haynes. Luke was an architect in a past life and his structural background shows in his quilts. And like Angela, ready to share the fun and love of quilting with anyone. Both excellent speakers and gave everyone much to contemplate. 

Luke uses many recycled fabrics - this one uses denim.
How did my classes go? Well, you'll have to ask my students. I just love seeing students learn and implement new skills and their look of wonderment when they see how things work is the greatest reward for all my weeks of pre-class preparation. I must have kept them busy, because I was. I didn't even get an opportunity to take a few happy snaps. 

This is my name badge for the Convention and you'll notice I've called it the winning ticket. Well I can tell you that anyone who attended this event also had a winners ticket. It was a privilege to be a tutor here and I'm sure I would enjoy the event just as much if I were a delegate. This is certainly one Quilters' event you should consider attending in the future. 

The winning ticket