Monday, 16 January 2017

WIPS - November and December Catch Up

It's so satisfying to get some well over due WIPS out of the way. The first one is a QAYG Bias Appliqué project. 

- Leaf Litter -
I decided to push a few boundaries and try some extra wide bias appliqué; not so easy using batik fabrics. The tightness of the weave certainly wasn't too conducive to easing around curves. Ah well, thats why I do this stuff, to find out what works and what isn't so successful. I hope it makes me a better teacher. 

A bit closer
The design is from a play I had in my sketch book. I drew as many leaf fill designs as I could think of at the time and chose the ones I liked the most. It was a useful exercise, realising no limitations to design 'fill'.

Back view
I'm not one to let a chance like this go by, I made it a double sided quilt. These blocks are part of an colour challenge in the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club 2016 (#mightylucky is where you can find lots of great design and technique challenges we covered). I knew I would use them for a quilt someday, and this was the one. I picked up the low volume fabrics at Quiltcon 2016.

A little bit closer
The second boundary pushing part was the varied fabrics and widths for the sashings and trying a new stitch on them. This is good. I really like the unusual texture the varied motif sizes of the quilting creates.

Amongst the Leaf Litter

Softly quilted blocks

At this stage I think I was more interested in the
lichens on the fence

And for the second WIP, a finish from a workshop I did with Heather Jones at Quiltcon 2016; Large Scale Piecing. Of course, I had to be different! This was not the design Heather presented us with. I'm more comfortable working my own design, so applied the principles of her lesson to my design. It differs a little from my original because we used graph paper to map the design out. A tweak here and there and I managed to fit mine to the graph.

- Redfern -
An eleventh hour minor design change made this one a little tricky to finish, it started as QAYG. I finally figured it out and I'm happy with the result.

For the quilting, all the bright reds and tans are quilted with a contour design. Where there are the traditional triangles and sashings, I stuck to more traditional quilting motifs.

Back view
Typically, I've also done this as a double sided quilt. It's an easy process when using QAYG. The construction lends itself well to two sided quilts. There is a lot more work required in the design and fabric selections because I'm literally making two quilts, but hey, I'm on the journey so I may as well make the most of it.
Another view

Speaking of views - this is a very pleasant place

Lucky last