Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Catch Up

Ok blog world, I'm over trying to catch up, I'm just going to fill you in up until October in one HUUUGE post. Go get a cuppa and relax, this might take a while.

I hit the ground running after the cruise and started planning a few more projects. I also did some playing with inserting circles. The stash and scrap bins provided plenty of interesting colour combinations as you can see here.

This was also to be an extra sample for QAYG, so each circle set was done on a separate panel, quilted and then joined together to make this modern table runner/wall art.

Continuing on with the #mightylucky quilt club, the next few months had some great design activities including colour print and value differences in one block.

The month of June kept us all busy practicing our free motion quilting an learning to work words into our projects. Here's what I did.

July was an interesting month and quite a challenge. I never thought I would do a one fabric, one quilt, but here it is. 

Sarah Feilke set the task for August and I guess you've already realised it's going to be all about Appliqué. Sarah loves hand appliqué, but if you hadn't noticed the lack of hand sewing here, I avoid it as much as I can. Quite frankly it hurts too much to do. Damn this arthritis. Anyway, I had lots of fun machine appliquéing, mostly raw edge. I did a few cushion covers and have yet to finish them. 

September #mightylucky quilt club was a design process focusing on space. We were set a series of activities to emphasise the significance of distance between components of a design. We used paper and multiples of a block to create various designs changing spacing and layout. I liked the last one so much, I made it into a quilt. 

October is yet to be revealed, I'm no where near finished. This has bought you up to date with this part of what I'm currently doing and now I'll show you some of the in-between projects.

The month of June is the QuiltNSW quilt show and that saw me demonstrating my technique of Freezer Paper Piecing. I also, to my surprise, received three awards with only two quilts. Now how does that happen. To say the least, I was chuffed. Second in each of the categories entered and a Special Award for Contemporary Art Quilt. By the time the third announcement was made, I found it difficult to pick my jaw up off the floor. I could have tripped! Here's the two offending quilts.

'Red Back' - second in Small Quilts and Contemporary Art Award

'Self Image' - second in Modern Quilts

July kept me busy playing with the QuiltNSW suitcase challenge, Repurposed, Recycled, Revolved. From the moment the challenge was set, I knew I would be using tea bags. I had in mind a 3-D design, so went about collecting, sorting, drying, sorting again, emptying, pressing and sorting again. There's a lot to do when one uses tea bags for quilts! I wanted the design to have reference to the tea bags, so I went about folding and glueing and stitching a large prairie point border.


Several layers of the points were added one day at a time. They required a special finish that took a while to dry. Once the points were completed, many layers of bags were bonded together and then I went about colouring and constructing my tea cup.This is the result and it won first place in the challenge. there were so many amazing quilts, so glad I didn't have to judge them.
'The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread'
The lead up to August was frantic. I knew I had to have prepared several quilts to display and all needed to be up for sale. I was to be the Artist Of The Month on the gallery Feature Wall at Port Stephens Community Art Gallery. I took a new approach to these quilts and decided to make it a 'Ruler Free Zone'. Yep, that's right, each one made without using a ruler. It sure makes for quicker construction, and just as well. Here's a montage of a few hanging in the gallery.

 Well at this stage writing all this, I'm glad photos have recording dates, otherwise I wouldn't have clue when I did what. I do know that a good part of September was made very busy with wedding preparations for my daughter's wedding. I even pulled out the candle making skills to prepare table decoration. Unscented soy candles with wood wicks. I did trim them lower than this. They burned perfectly and set a beautiful glow. Mums have to have so many skills, don't they?

          ...............and a photo or two of the happy couple on their wedding day

These three stunning photos are the work of Callan Robison Photography

There are a few more projects done over the last five months. One day I got a little carried away while playing with some low volume scraps. Before I knew it, I'd completed a Ruler Free Sampler quilt. It was just one of those spontaneous things. It all started with the log cabin block................

Then there were these...............

This pattern just keeps wanting to be made. For the record, I think this is no. 7

A cute little quilt for baby 'X'avier

Yet another Christmas Tree quilt - its all
becoming far too habitual, but at the same
time, it's always a lot of fun
Almost the end of October, but I'm not finished with it yet. I have a few more projects to complete so you'll have to wait for the next post. At least I'm now up to date. It's always such a relief to have a catch up completed.


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