Monday, 12 September 2016

Yet More Catching Up - Find My Sea Legs

April was a huge month with the growing anticipation of my first cruise. It seemed as though the last few months was completely consumed with the preparation for this journey. 
As a tutor on this cruise, I needed to prepare all the teaching aides, class notes and preparing as much as possible for the class participants. That meant either using pre-cuts where I could (I learned that very quickly) or cutting everything. There was a budget to work to so pre-cuts were sometimes cost prohibitive to our needs, hence the cutting of 1600 51/2" blocks. This took for ever. I had to manage the job over a few days to cope with the volume. Arrrgh! As you can imagine, I was more than pleased to have this out of the way.

Lots and lots and lots of squares
 A few weeks on and we arrived at the dock. This ship is so large it has to dock near the ferry terminal because its too big to go under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The scale of this thing is almost unbelievable for a country chick like me. The things I know about are trucks and I thought they were big. Check out the comparison in size.

The large semi-trailer was dwarfed by what was to be my home for nine days.
Here is what all the preparation was for. The leg of the journey outward was a two day workshop using my Giant Chevron pattern for a single bed quilt or just a nicely sized snuggle rug. There were eighteen students so I was kept quite busy for those first few days on the ship. I sure needed to develop sea legs in a hurry!

Marj Traynor did a great job on her Giant Chevron quilt. Marj loves Tula Pink
and I was able to track one down for her to use on this project. 
Here's Marj trimming up all those blocks.

The land based days of the cruise were spent around some the islands of New Caledonia, where we had an opportunity to hit terra firma. The departures seemed a bit rough so we opted to stay on board and spend a few hours relaxing in the spa and sipping on cocktails. Ho hum!
We were able to dock at Nouméa so off we went to explore the city. We got as far as the Aquarium, and certainly worth a look.  Just a little ways up the road we found a great pub that brewed their own and had fantastic pizzas, so we decided to stay for lunch. Mmmmmm, pizza and boutique beer for lunch, gotta be happy with that. A great view to a beautiful bay as well. 
So the cruise homeward was the last two days of the workshops. Two 1 day workshops were run concurrently. My Retro Table Runner and Value Quilt were the workshops. The girls worked hard and fast with many of them almost finishing their projects. 

Jane Denton put this one together.

Kelly Neilson did a great job on her value quilt.
The best part of the cruise was meeting all the wonderful class participants and support staff. Brother Machines sponsored the trip by providing all the machines necessary for the students to use. So easy to use. A big thanks to Mel and her team for an endless supply of patience and stamina. Lugging all those machines on board and changing the set up for each day of the workshops was nothing short of astounding.
Thanks everyone for your company. It was a pleasure to spend the time with you.

Before I left to journey on the high seas, I managed to find time to do my #mightylucky challenge for the month. This month was 'Personal Photo As Inspiration For Piecing'. 

Birubi Beach
My pieced photo
A challenging but fun project to work on. This piece measures 16 1/2" x 13" and took me two days to complete. Not sure I'll do too many more, although I'd probably get a little faster over time.


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