Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Marching Onwards

I'm not sure about that pun, but it's there now, so it may as well stay. The first of the month and I raced to the computer in anticipation of Mighty Lucky Quilt Club. For me, this is like having a birthday every month. A gift waiting for me to explore. I don't know what is so difficult about finding a suitable present for me. Lucky Spool have done it three times already this year. Thank you Rossie Hutchinson for the 'One Wrong Colour' challenge. Some people would say I do this on just about every quilt I make now, so it was fun to play for the month. Here's the result.

Playing With Marbles
So my wrong colour is the cerise, but then I don't think its all that wrong. If you think about it, I've created what I see as a triad colour scheme. Perhaps I'll revisit this challenge. I'm of the mind that all colours go with all colours, just take a look out the window. Another first for me, an on point quilt. Each of the yellow triangles was put together using improvised foundation paper piecing. How? I use freezer paper for FPP and with each new triangle, I randomly folded the paper to add each consecutive strip. The result being no two triangles the same. 

Speaking of Foundation Paper Piecing. These few projects are part of my extended class.

Sample quilts
Giddy Geese
Multi pieced exercise 
Pineapple quilt
The month was also extremely busy preparing for a cruise in April. It's a Needlework cruise and I am one of the teachers. Preparation was required for 37 students for three different workshops. Fortunately one of the projects used jelly roll pre cuts. For the others, I had to cut 1600 squares to make HST's for a value quilt exercise and the other project only needed freezer paper panels to be cut, thankfully. Lots of other items had to be ordered, threads, acrylic rulers, fabrics, books and lots more preparation in class notes. A very busy month.


  1. Beautiful quilts! Love the bright colors and the precise detailing of each and every one of them especially the pine apple one. You are truly talented.

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