Friday, 15 July 2016


Still a very busy month, but then who's isn't? At the beginning of each month I look forward to receiving the Luck Spool Challenge arriving on the very first day. Minimalist Improvisation for February and the challenge was put together by Season Evans. These designers know their stuff. Each challenge is precluded with an insight into what the activity is all about and we're shown examples as well, then the rest is up to us. You can check out some of the student work at #mightylucky. Here's mine.

Red #1

So this was a lot of fun and although at first I thought I would really like this concept, I think its not for me. Here the only quilting is the bobbin work I did, creating the thin lines using No.12 Perle thread hand wound onto the bobbin. The trick is being able to get it in the right place when's stitched from the back! I also stretched this one onto an art canvas, adding yet another skill, creating more options in the future.

This had also been the month of looking forward to a trip to Quiltcon. Everyone should just do it at least once! The other exciting aspect was the quilt I had hanging there. A juried competition, so very pleased to be accepted. Coincidence has it that it's red and white.

Boxed In
I wonder how many quilts have this name? I've seen a few since naming this. Here's a few snap shots of the quilt under construction.

The very beginning

Well on the way
The construction was a method of QAYG in a log cabin style. Each new strip had all three layers added and quilted before moving onto the next strip. It takes a bit of planning, but as you can see from the results, very doable. 
I met so many fantastic people here. All the locals were so welcoming, friendly and helpful. By the way, Quiltcon was in Pasadena, and yes, I can hear everyone singing the song. It is a long way, but well worth the trek to see the beautiful city it is. Certainly full of achitectural significance and a quilters inspirational paradise. 

I see Quilts

I did two workshops there. One with Amy Smart on strip piecing and the other with Heather Jones covering large scale piecing. Both were fabulous.

Playing with strip piecing
I filled in the last few days of my visit following guided map tours discovering Arts and Crafts period architecture, visiting the Huntington Gardens and perusing the local community where I was staying. I still need more time there, so maybe another visit.

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  1. Wow those quilt designs are absolutely amazing. i think you should start doing it professionally and sell them to the textile stores, it would make you make more profit and success.