Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Baby Quilts

Its so much fun making baby quilts. Here's one I recently finished and can now post about because it should have already arrived at its intended recipient.  

-  Turkish Delight - 
So this is how I test a lot of my quilt designs without too much fear of the whole project going belly up and making a complete mess of things (and of course, the expense of the quilt too, needs to be considered). 

- Strippy Bliss -
And this is how I did it. I had a few scrappy blocks orphaned from a class sample, so I stripped a few more and cut and stripped and cut until I was happy with the new look. Then it was off to the design wall.

- Design Taped onto the Design Wall -
Mapping out the size first gives the guidelines needed for designing and in particular, proportion.

- It's like playing with paper and glue -

It's such an easy way to get everything right without having to predetermine any sizes of fabric pieces to cut. Just remember to allow for seams. 

- Almost done with the designing - 

After this stage its just a matter of filling in the spare spaces. Breaking up the negative space into rectangles makes the job a lot easier.

- Quilting Fun -
Just to try something a little different, I fitted a wonky border. All the quilting was done on my lovely new Sweet Sixteen.

- Striped Binding -

- Every quilt needs a teddy -

- The quilt is now in the arms of Ava (born 25.10.2015) -


  1. i wanted to come and look at your work as i took a break from custom thesis writing. i must say i am amazed by the creativity and the amount of hard work you put into it. keep us posted with more

  2. Starting off with a super complicated pattern is no the way to go. Keep the shapes and designs simple. There are a few with fun twists to them…like the disappearing quilt block and half square triangles making fun layouts of chevrons.