Sunday, 20 December 2015

Quiltcon Entry

This is the first time I have entered Quiltcon, or at least put three quilts up for jury entry.
Here's a preview of the three quilts.

- Red Back -
So this is the first, and appropriately titled 'Red Back', all the Aussies will understand. It's made up of one inch strips and each alternate one is pieced in a different way. The quilting is one eighth of an inch apart and the red is stitched using #8 perle, hand wound onto the bobbin and worked from the wrong side. It has given wonderful texture to the piece.

- A closer inspection -

Here's #2 quilt for contention. Some of you may have already met this quilt in person at the Sydney Quilt Show. She did me proud. The construction of this one is done by QAYG. Definitely one of my favourite techniques. The quilting seems a bit simple, but then, it is a minimalist design.

- Boxed In -

- A closer look - 

Last but not least is this play on a classic. This was made by first, making a piece of fabric using 6', 4' and 3' blocks in combinations of grey and white, then cutting out the larger pattern pieces from the new cloth. I was really happy with the interesting shapes that occurred across the new fabric. The churn dash blocks are quilted with a double layer of batting and I've only emphasised the grey outlines with stitching and this has created very interesting texture across the quilt. I love how some of the white shapes pop out and are different to the original churn dash design of the first cloth made. 

- Self Image -

- Circular quilting resinating from the central image -

So now that you've seen them, one of these quilts was select to be in Quiltcon. Can you pick which one?

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Baby Quilts

Its so much fun making baby quilts. Here's one I recently finished and can now post about because it should have already arrived at its intended recipient.  

-  Turkish Delight - 
So this is how I test a lot of my quilt designs without too much fear of the whole project going belly up and making a complete mess of things (and of course, the expense of the quilt too, needs to be considered). 

- Strippy Bliss -
And this is how I did it. I had a few scrappy blocks orphaned from a class sample, so I stripped a few more and cut and stripped and cut until I was happy with the new look. Then it was off to the design wall.

- Design Taped onto the Design Wall -
Mapping out the size first gives the guidelines needed for designing and in particular, proportion.

- It's like playing with paper and glue -

It's such an easy way to get everything right without having to predetermine any sizes of fabric pieces to cut. Just remember to allow for seams. 

- Almost done with the designing - 

After this stage its just a matter of filling in the spare spaces. Breaking up the negative space into rectangles makes the job a lot easier.

- Quilting Fun -
Just to try something a little different, I fitted a wonky border. All the quilting was done on my lovely new Sweet Sixteen.

- Striped Binding -

- Every quilt needs a teddy -

- The quilt is now in the arms of Ava (born 25.10.2015) -