Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Surprise Winning

Two weeks ago it seemed all the planets aligned just for me. When filling out an entry form for quilting competitions, I never think about winning anything. It's enough just to have my entry accepted and then to see it amongst all the other splendid quilts on display. It seems I did everything right for one of my entries into the Sydney Quilt Show. My quilt is the recipient of first place in the Red and White Contemporary/Art category. I'm still in a buzz over the news.

This is the finished quilt ready for its hanging sleeve.

It all began with humble beginnings on a weekend retreat. Up until then it was just a drawing I'd done in Touch Draw on my iPad. I love that app. As you can see, it was put together bit by bit using a quilt as you go method. I also love QAYG.

Often, a round was pieced first, then added, following basically a log cabin construction. I also love log cabin in all its beautiful variations. 
A design board makes this work so much easier. When I go on a retreat, I take with me a makeshift design wall. It's one of those cardboard pattern boards covered with a flannelette sheet and strung between two dowel rods held in place by alligator clamps. Works a treat every time.

Back at home now and getting close to the end. Looks like I didn't achieve much on the weekend, but at least all the quilting was being done during construction, all straight line with walking foot. Did I tell you I love QAYG? The good thing is once you're done, you're done. And, if everything goes to plan, there's often no need to square anything up. That also depends on the method too. Keeping those quilting lines straight does get a bit tricky towards the end.

After having received my award there just had to be a photo beside her with said award certificate. Matching shoes too. 

It was an absolutely fantastic display of workmanship across the whole exhibition. I'm very proud to be a winner in such a prestigious event. There seemed to be so many more artists deserving of the same accolades. I wish them all well with their future entries. I'll be back next year and I would encourage everyone participate, even if you're a beginner. You never know what might eventuate, after all, this was only my second time entry. 

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  1. All your designs are unique, humble and an example of simplicity. Thanks for sharing the design and hopefully you do well in the next designs as well. Keep us updated with the new ones.