Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Side Serve

     Sometimes I'm just happy to fiddle with little projects on the side in between quilts.  Although, many of them seem to turn out to be projects as large as a quilt time wise.  I often spend hours thinking about how to 'do' the job too.  Then there's the collecting of materials and all the other planning and patterns etc.  Here's a recent project that definitely took me longer than expected.

Evening Purse

     This was a doozy.  Just the flower took me about four hours or maybe even five or six, I lost count.  What was I thinking?  I think know I need much more practice with the inktense pencils before I attempt painting this slubby silk again, or stick to painting on smooth fabrics.  As I'm one for a recycled component in most of my projects, I spent hours looking for the right beads and sequins on second hand clothing, what a dumb idea that was!  The consolation was a few good bargains and some fabrics for future projects.

     The second side serve for the month is a machine dust cover.  I think I got a bit carried away with the QAYG improvised log cabin.  This one took me a few days, but it was worth it, I now have the best dressed machine on the street!  Take a look 

So many pieces in such a small space

The finished piece.  This project is one of my sample pieces for a class I'm teaching early next year. 

A well dressed machine - brings cheer to the room

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