Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Being Mobile

     There comes a time when one just has to knuckle down and do the jobs that should have been done yonks ago. (for non Aussies, this means a long time)  For me, that's to make a cutting mat and ruler carrier.  
     A few weeks back, I found myself in one of my favourite quilting shops (and don't we all love to be there if we're not in the sewing room?).  There was a little basket full of end of rolls so I just had to take a bit of a sticky.  Of course, as the story should go, I found a piece that I couldn't do without.  A range called Sunshine and Shadow  by Jane Sassaman for Free Spirit.


  It was the colours that did it for sure, just can't resist purple and green and anything that closely resembles this gorgeous contrast.  As long as the design is appealing, I'm in, boots and all.

Some of the other little gems I partnered with Coleus

     These projects are a great opportunity to play on the design wall.  That orange just had to go in the mix for a little bit of pop!  As this is a QAYG (quilt as you go), I was able to use the straight line contrasts as my joining pieces.  Some of them are slice and insert pieces as well.  

There is progress

After slicing and inserting, finished with the straight line quilting

     And the finished piece.

     Inside is a pocket for each of my rulers and a few wish pockets as well.  I also decided to add a few leaves of polyester batting as project pages.  It seemed to be the logical thing to add these so I didn't have to built a second one to carry samples etc. when I'm teaching.

     To keep the carrier firm and provide more protection in transit, I sourced some used For Sale boards (my recycled component for this project) from one of the local real estate agents.  It did the job perfectly, light weight and easy to cut.  

The inside of the carrier

      Some of the rulers in their place.  Each pocket is secured with hook and loop tape to hold them firmly in place.  A small pocket at the end provides a space for the roller cutter.  Two polyester batting pages hold various pieces of work.  And look, I do sew traditional stuff sometimes, but only when totally necessary! 

     Now I'm onto my next project and hope to finish it in a week or so.


  1. Such a posh carrier! I'd have it on my wall!! Love it +++

  2. Really nice job! I need to whip one of these up for myself but it never seems to make it to the top of my To Do list. Might have to make it one of my jobs at my sewing retreat this year!

    1. This would be an ideal project for a retreat. Remember to take measurements though, otherwise you'll have to carry all of your rulers with you, and I know for sure you don't have a carrier yet!

  3. Fantastico! Really love what you did Wendy and that fabric range is spectacular can you tell me where I can get any of it here in aussie land. I just got to have some of it!!!!! For me this is my first contact with you. I will be following you to see what your all about. What I see so far is brilliant and worth following you too see how you go!!!! Many thanks Julie St Mary's Adelaide.

    1. 'm flattered. I'm sorry to say though, the only fabric I know is the one I've already listed. Like many of us, I put together a selection from the stash without really taking any notice of the fabric range they come from. I will have to take a bit more notice next time.