Thursday, 25 September 2014

Testing 1-2-3

     Well that was a challenging morning.  I've been busy testing the pattern for Grandma's Cupboard quilt and oh what a job!  I now know another good reason to use improv cutting and piecing techniques.   This girl is definitely not a template and seam matching advocate.    After piecing this by machine, and what task that was, this will probably be a paper pieced and hand stitched project.  Did I just say that?  Oh well, I do need a hand stitching task to have when out and about.  Here's a few progress shots.

To give an idea of size - these are almost 2" square

Little by little, they're pieced together

Patience is beginning to wane

Not the perfect piecing job, but together in a fashion

Very finicky corners

At least there is some resemblance 

     Now, the task of looking for fabrics.  I've searched a few places where I thought I might find some similar fabrics, but without success.  Here's the brainwave of the day - get the fabric printed of course.  Now all I need to do is the art work (gasp).  Easier said than done.  Something else for me to explore over the next few days.  Has anyone had their own fabric designs printed yet?  How did it go?

     There hasn't been an idle moment since my last post.  Apart from this mornings activities, I've quilted a few things that have been laying around underfoot.  To rid my consience of guilt for incomplete projects, I got to work and.............

Testing my 'What's All The Fuss?' quilt pattern with a
 different colour for border and sashing 

 'Tidepool' bali-pop
      I'm always excited, but not surprised, to see the results of using different colours for sashing and borders and what a difference it can make to the finished look of a quilt.  There are two more examples of this quilt on my 'It's what I do' page.

     ...............and then there is this one.  A baby quilt using stitch and flip piecing technique just to use up some left overs from another baby quilt.  

I just love the colours in this fabric

Folded and all ready to go
  This is a fabric by Michael Miller called 'Pretty Bird'.  It's is the first time I've used zigzag to finish the quilt edge binding.  It was a little more difficult to control the 'fluting' on the edge, but I got there in the end and I'm pleased with the result.  Now its off to the Goldcoast for a new little Nutt.

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