Monday, 8 September 2014

Patterns constructed

So, I managed to get as far as drawing up the design late last week.  At first, I thought to go from the outside and work in, like we usually do once we establish the size of the block.  It all seemed a bit too difficult until I decided to try using metric instead of imperial measurements and work from the inside out.  Hey presto!  Everything just slotted into place.  I figured it must have been designed and made in Europe somewhere, probably France or Italy I would suspect.  It took a lot of concentration and careful drawing skills.  
The next decision was how to piece it all together.  It didn't seem like it would work as a square block so lots of discussion and brainstorming with some quilting friends and best option so far is to piece it as an octagon.  

Today I was able to complete the patterns and get the templates cut from plastic.  Of course I will be testing the patterns and construction method with a few pieces out of the scrap box.  It should be quite and interesting process stepping out the procedure.  Some of those seem junctions and insets are going to be real doosey's.   I think this calls for step by step photos for the record.  I'm thinking of using freezer paper piecing for the Ohio Star centre.  I love the precision it gives.  After that, I'll just wing it and see how far I get without any snags.

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