Thursday, 4 September 2014

Magic Trick

Early 1900's linoleum design 

Well this is an interesting turn of events.  I always thought my first official blog post (I've been here before and said to self 'narh! not ready for this yet) would be all about modern quilts and how I love to design and make them.  Turns out I'm starting a new project I've had in my mind for some time, to design and make a quilt about a cupboard. Now I know you're all thinking 'what is she thinking?  It's a special cupboard I have inherited and has passed down through family from my Grandmother. It's special, not only because it was hers, but this cupboard has been in my Mother's kitchen too, and my Dad's farm shed for a while.  Now it resides in my kitchen.  One of the really special things about it was what I discovered on the inside.  Apart from being made from recycled packing crates (I'll have to take photos to show you), about two years ago I found some linoleum lining the shelves. From my research, I've worked out this linoleum must be about 100 years old, but it gets better.  The design is patchwork. Fancy that!  So my magic trick will be to miraculously turn the linoleum design into a living, breathing pattern and ultimately a quilt of some sort. I will have to get my head around the design first and it's going to be a little tricky, but here goes.  Come with me on my journey as I create this quilt


  1. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you :)

    1. Just warning you Gill, this could take a good bit of time.