Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dyeing To Tell

For all who think nothing of getting out the  tea or coffee and having a good dyeing session (and a cuppa while you work), this is probably no news to you.  Yesterday, I need to tone down a fabric one or two shades to make it a little murkier than it was.  I had a brain wave and what's more, I came out unscathed.  This was a chance discovery by using a kitchen saucepan for the job.  Not normally a good idea to use kitchen pots for dyeing, but its only tea, no chemicals in sight and the fabric had been well washed.  After preparing the tea and plunging the fabric, it was reluctant to stay submerged.  What to do?  The brainwave - this saucepan has a steamer!  Into the pan it went and held the fabric under the solution perfectly.

                                    Fabric in the tea solution and, fully submerged   

Here is the result

The original orange colour to the left and the result after dyeing on the right.  This is the most successful tea dyeing I've done to date.  Previous attempts have had an uneven motley appearance.  So Happy!

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