Friday, 19 September 2014


     Some days I feel like leaving the cutting and piecing and quilting, then going and doing something else.  This is one of the many things I do when I'm not doing all those fun things in the sewing room.  
     I put together a few special ingredients and create soap.  Yep, cold processed soap, with beautiful ingredients and no chemical additives.  Palm oil free of course.  

Precious ingredients ready to be measured
     This one has olive oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil with a smidge of turmeric for colour and mild exfoliation and calendula petals as healthy bits for skin and pretty colours.  
     Some batches are better than others.  You never know when something will go haywire and oops-a-daisy, there's a catastrophe in the kitchen.  Soooooo many things can go wrong, but yesterday, all went well and I finished the day with a beautiful batch of summery scented soap.

A peep at the soap in the mould doing its gel thing
     The most frustrating time is waiting for the soap to set, anytime between twelve and twenty four hours unless its a pure olive oil soap, then it could take up to forty eight hours. Once the wait is over, the reward is cutting into the block and smelling the beautiful fragrance of the essential oils.  And then we get this. 

Freshly cut soap

     The waiting has only just begun.  This has to cure for another eight weeks or more before I can use it.  Luckily I have more on hand from previous soap activities.  I'm in the mood now, so I'll probably make a heap more before the onset of hot weather and just tuck it away somewhere and that should satisfy my soapy needs for a good while, both for use and the urge to make it.  What do you do when not in the sewing mood? 

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